Preserve. Protect. Educate. We are impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville.

Our Supporters

As an independent non-profit organization, Friends of Lake Glenville is funded through a combination of memberships, corporate sponsorships, and donations.

We are indebted to our members who contribute from $50 to $500 for an annual membership, to our corporate sponsors, who contribute from $300 to $5000+, and to our individual donors who contribute at whatever level they feel appropriate.

All of our supporters are vital to our ability to carry out our Mission--to Preserve and Protect Lake Glenville. Contributions are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt of your contribution via email. If you do not see this receipt arrive, please check your junk/spam folder before contacting us.




Corporate sponsors are companies, home owner's associations, non-profit organizations or other business entities that wish to support FLG. Corporate sponsors may contribute towards a specific event, initiative or other designation of their choosing, or may donate to the general fund, to be used at FLG's discretion. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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  • Trillium is a private residential, lake and golf community located along the shores of Lake Glenville. Read More
  • A part of Royal Shell Real Estate with offices in Cashiers, Highlands and Sapphire. Read More
  • A full-service agency representing premier homes & lots in Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville and Sapphire Read More
  • The only marina located right on the lake, offering sales, service, storage, and rentals. Read More
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FLG's Metallic Member Circle

We wish to thank those Members who have generously contributed to the work and mission of FLG through their Membership, event sponsorship and kind donations.

Diamond Circle

Bill & Darby Adair, Jerry & Gail Durkin, David & Lynn Leach, Tim & Linda O'Connor, Tom & Betty Petway, Robert & Marianne Smith, Richard & Angela Tyre

Platinum Circle

Tim & Madia Barber, Rich & Pat Becherer, Charles & Norma Beck, Maureen & Alan Bird, John Chaffee & Karen Scarbrough, George & Susan Dalzell, Michele & Jimmy Etheredge, Ken & Molly Feldman, Carolyn & Michael Franz, Julie & Seth Goldstrom, Debby & Richard Hattler, Kennth & Sheryl Hodge, Hollis & Debbie Hooks, Ray & Gayle Jimison, Thomas & Carol Miller, Michael & Sandra Radtke, Caroline & Ron Smith

Gold Circle

Russell & Nancy Albers, Frances & James Alu, Sheila & John Barham, Sam & Mary Jo Bateman, Alex & Gina Burnett, Don & Lisa Calvert, Christopher Carson & John Converse, Carolyn & Michael Chabora, Stephen & Erin Chance, Louis & Joni Darre, Madeline DAvis, Lindsay & Bill Dorris, Helen & Roy Eustace, Pete & Pat Fay, Gary & Kathie Gamble, Dave & Cathy Garrett, william & Ruth Getzen, Kenneth & Leigh Ann Gibson, John & Gabrielle Gillies, Tom Grathwohl & Dorothy Jordan, Robert & JoAnn Gray, Kathleen Hadlin-New & Charles New, Jerry & Nancy Hamilton, Donny & Tricia Harrison, William & Cindy Hartman, Wayne & Sharon Helsby, Bill & Karen Hess, Les Holland & Virginia Johnson, Lesley Howard, Jeffrey Kaine & Bambi Famous-Kaine, Richard & Sheila MacFarland, Nicole & Stanford Massie, Juan & Lourdes Milciunas, Jenna & Bill Olsen, Tommy Pope & Jennifer Cranny, Beth & Drew Quartapella, Michael Quinn, Monique & Wayne Randall, Ricki & Joe Riedel, Robert & Carolyn Riordan, Jim & kristin Robinson, Marjorie Rosing & Tom DeLallo, Tom & Myra Sawyer, Roger & Mary EArle Scovil, Stephen & Lindsey Smith, Canie & Lynn Smith, David & Olene Stuart, Ken Taft, David & Donna Towe, Jackie & Fred Wertmeyer, Rob Whitney, Daniel & Laurel Woods, Cathy & Bud Workman, Gary Wright


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