Preserve. Protect. Educate. We are impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville.

Our Sponsors

As an independent non-profit organization, Friends of Lake Glenville is funded through a combination of memberships, community sponsorships, and donations.

We are indebted to our members who contribute from $50 to $500 for an annual membership, to our corporate sponsors and donors, who contribute from $300 to $5000+, and to our individual donors who contribute at whatever level they feel appropriate but are neither members nor official Sponsors. All of our supporters are vital to our ability to carry out our Mission--to Preserve and Protect Lake Glenville. 2017 Sponsorship and Donor opportunities are available now. Contributions are tax-deductible.

2017 Sponsorship and Donor Opportunities


Corporate sponsors are companies, home owner's associations, non-profit organizations or other business entities that wish to support FLG. Corporate sponsors may contribute towards a specific event, initiative or other designation of their choosing, or may donate to the general fund, to be used at FLG's discretion. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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Member sponsors are individuals who have made monetary or in-kind donations in addition to their annual membership dues. Members can choose to sponsor an individual event or initiative, such as the annual Fireworks display, or can give to the general fund to be used at FLG's discretion.

Gold Sponsors

John & Paulina Cassidy, Mike & Carolyn Franz, David & Lynn Leach, Seth & Glenda Marshall, Thomas & Carol Miller, Michael & Sandra Radke, Bob & Alexandra (Zannie) Scheel

Silver Sponsors

Craig & Denise Dubow, Kevin & Jane Ebberts, Kathleen Halldin & Chalres New, Ray & Gayle Jimison, David & Lori Moffett, Tim & Linda O'Connor

Bronze Sponsors

John & Shelia Bareham, Richard & Patricia Becherer, Charles & Norma Beck, Joan & Jay Betts, David & Cookie Brown, Donald & Lisa Calvert, John Chaffee & Karen Scarbrough, Pierce & Hilda Christie, Roy & Madeline Davis, Peter & Jo Dawson, Pete & Pat Fay, Dave & Cathy Garrett, Bill & Ruth Getzen, Donald & Eva Hansen, Liz Harper & Don Porter, Donald & Tricia Harrison, Kenneth & Sheryl Hodge, H. Leslie Holland, Hollis & Debbie Hooks, Philip & Ann Humes, Richard & Sheila MacFarland, Stanford & Nicole Massie, Joe & Vicki Riedel, Tom Robinson, Bob Savelson & Susan Bianchi, Canie & Lynn Smith, Mel & Mary Summersette


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