Preserve. Protect. Educate. We are impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville.

Lake Clean-Up

Lake clean up has been part of FLG history for most of its existence. We recognize the importance of protecting and maintaining a clean lake for both nature and our community.

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Water Quality & Testing

Friends of Lake Glenville’s Water Quality program is one of our organization’s key and most important elements of our mission. The program currently has three major parts: 

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Fishing Lake Glenville

Fishing on Lake Glenville has long been a popular activity for sport and food. FLG has adopted a program aimed at ensuring it remains a viable venue for both.

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Boating Safety

One of the core tenants of FLG’s mission is the safe and fun enjoyment of our lake. That’s why promoting boating safety has always played a significant role in our work.

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