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Lake Clean-Up 2018

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We will all take to the water at 9am in whatever vessel we have available (boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak) and collect debris. We suggest you clean up your own coves first, then ply the main lake to collect whatever debris you can find. You will need to take collected debris to the ramp to the right of the dam where there will be other volunteers to offload it for you and load it on The Trashman vehicle for disposal. And while you are there, be sure to get some hot coffee, juice and a donut! The event will end at 1pm so please make sure your debris is deposited at the ramp by this time.

Volunteers are needed for the following activities. You will be able to sign up for volunteer jobs during the registration process.

  • Provide a boat and collect garbage
  • Provide a boat only
  • Offer to collect garbage on someone else’s boat
  • Pick up donated refreshments and materials (juice, Styrofoam cups, napkins and donuts) from Ingles on the morning of clean-up (Total Needed: 1 person)
  • Help load collected debris and trash onto provided trash trucks (Total Needed: 4-6 strong people) at the ramp on Pine Creek Road, right of the dam.

Clean-Up Guidelines:

  • USE CAUTION: Logs can be heavy! Please do not injure yourself attempting to pick up large logs. Always use two people to lift heavy items. If you don’t know where to take the logs once removed, rope them and tie them securely to shore and let someone from FLG know their location.
  • DO NOT REMOVE TREES OR BUSHES ATTACHED TO THE SHORELINE: Under Duke Energy guidelines, they must be left where they are for fish habitat.
  • GET PERMISSION: The only exception to the above rule is when trees or bushes are interfering with the operation of a dock.  In this case permission must be obtained from Duke before removal.
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE OF LITTER/DEBRIS: Please place smaller, man-made items in a plastic bag and deliver them to a trash receptacle or to the takeout on Pine Creek Ramp just right of the dam.
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: Be sure to cover your boats with plastic or sheeting to prevent damage when onloading debris or navigating around particularly debris-heavy areas.

Event Properties

Event Date & Time 06-09-2018 9:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Volunteers Needed; See Details
Location Lake Glenville

We are no longer accepting registration for this event