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Water Quality Report: 2021 Q2

Water quality sampling occurred at six sites within the Lake Glenville watershed on 06/01/21. All sites were located as close as possible to sites sampled in previous monitoring years. Read on for more details and to download the full report.

The 06/01/21 sampling was a dry weather sampling with antecedent conditions consisting of a rainfall event that produced 0.84 inches of rainfall on 5/28/21. The suite of parameters sampled included water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, specific conductivity, and turbidity. Fecal coliform, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, and alkalinity were sampled for on 06/21/21, however the results of that sampling have not yet been received from the laboratory. Overall, the water quality at the six tributaries to Lake Glenville as observed on 06/01/21 was excellent.



FLG WaterQualityReport 20210625 Map