Preserve. Protect. Educate. We are impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville.

Water Quality & Testing

Friends of Lake Glenville’s Water Quality program is one of our organization’s key and most important elements of our mission. The program currently has three major parts: 

  1. Stream or in-flow water testing
  2. Lake water testing
  3. Lake sedimentation measurement.

A fourth part, fishing improvement, is being activated.

These programs are funded by FLG dues and donors and are only effective through the efforts of our generous donors and volunteers.

Stream or In-Flow Testing

Water samples are periodically collected from our five major in-flows and sent to a lab for chemical and turbidity testing. The purpose is to monitor and evaluate the quality of water flowing into the lake. Clean water coming in to the lake should provide clean water in the lake. The early seven years of stream testing was conducted using the macro-invertebrate methods. The follow on twelve years we have used sample collection and laboratory methods. Our data is referenced in the North Carolina State Little Tennessee Water Basin documentation.

Lake Water Testing

  • Water Sonde: To test the lake water, we use a water sonde to profile to the depth's of the lake provides turbidity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll data. From this we are able to gain an understanding of the living and ever changing characteristics and health of the lake.
  • Water Quality Reports: Additionally, FLG has recently formed a collaboration with Western Carolina University (WCU). Under this partnership, WCU collects and tests the lake water and provides us with a more informed scientific evaluation of the results. These quarterly reports can be found here on our website. 

Lake Turbidity

The purpose is to identify the sources of lake sedimentation and to attempt to quantify the turbidity contribution by each source. This work includes the identification of types and amounts of algae contributing to the lake turbidity. Secchi disk measurements are used to quantify the clarity of the lake waters. Once a year a secchi disk reading is reported to a national data base.

Fishing Improvement

Working with the state fisheries we want to identify and implement improvements for lake fishing enjoyment.

Lake Glenville Stream Test Sites

Click on any of the test sites (indicated by a yellow marker) in the map below to see the latest water quality testing results from that site.