Preserve. Protect. Educate. We are impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville.


FLG is driven by and only successful with the full commitment of its membership, whether that commitment be financial, time or both. There are numerous chances to help out. A few are noted below, but there are many others.

Ready to help? Please contact the chairperson in charge of each event or activity and call or send them an email. Or you may contact us and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

Volunteer Opportunities

Quarterly Creek Water Testing & Analysis: collection of the stream samples for analysis. Takes about 2 hours per quarter and allows for a great tour of the entire lake and views of the lake rarely seen.

Lake Water Testing & Analysis Using a Sonde Device: collection of lake samples using the Sonde and analysis thereof and comparison with other lakes in the region. Done 4 times per year and takes about 2 hours per time. Needs a small boat to anchor the Sonde and some facility with a PC.

Lake Clean-Up: members with a pontoon or older boat can ply the lake on lake clean up day and gather debris. Need two pontoons to be the coffee, juice and donut boats to sustain our members! Also need 2/3 beefy people to offload trash and load to the trash vehicle at the Pine Creek Ramp right of the dam. Learn more.

Fireworks Over Lake Glenville: volunteers are needed to clean up the launch site the following day. Members can just "talk it up" to ensure their friends/colleagues who are planning to watch the fireworks to contribute funds on the website or in the Firework jars around town. On that note, need volunteers to place and collect and count funds in the Firework jars.

Submerging of Fish Attractors in the Lake: Help to assemble the Attractors or to load them onto the boat for submerging

Fish Stocking: help to stock the streams with fingerlings or to help organize the purchase and delivery of these fingerlings for sale

Boating Safety Courses & Notices: help in finding safety course instructors to teach the boating safety classes and to post signs on boating etiquette at each put-in and on each rental vehicle.

Social Activities: We are also always in need of people to help with various aspects of our many social activities. Some of those opportunities include: