The natural beauty of Lake Glenville for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors



The structural integrity of the lake, to maintain both the safety of individuals and the vital role it plays in our local ecosystem



Residents, vacation home owners and visitors to the lake so that we can all be mindful and work towards its overall protection and preservation

COMMUNITY NOTICE: Spillway Maintenance to Lower Lake Level 3ft Below Normal Between Nov. 1 - Dec. 5

Duke Energy has scheduled FERC required spillway gate testing at the Thorpe Dam on Dec. 5, 2023. The spillway gate testing will only take one day. The testing requires Lake Glenville to be lowered 2-3 feet below the normal target of 90.0 ft. Lowering the lake down to 87.0 – 88.0 ft allows the lake to be below the bottom of the spillway gate and performing a ‘full open’ test without passing any water down the bypass reach.


Welcome to FLG!

Founded in 1985, the Friends of Lake Glenville is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit association of residents, property owners, member businesses and concerned individuals organized to benefit Lake Glenville. Our Mission is to preserve and protect the natural beauty and integrity of Lake Glenville. Our efforts focus specifically on water quality, lake ecology and environment, lake clean up and boating safety. Select any icon below to learn more!

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In Memoriam: Thomas Taulbee

28 Nov 2023

May 24, 1960 - November 26, 2023 It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news of the passing of our friend, Thomas Taulbee. Thomas passed...

Water Quality Report: May 2023

22 Aug 2023

Water quality sampling occurred at six sites within the Lake Glenville watershed on 05/25/23. All sites were located as close as possible to sites...

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