Impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville

Support Your Favorite Fund!

Dedicated individuals passionate about the work we do can contribute and earmark their donations towards specific funds, or allow FLG to apply their donations to where they'll do the most good.

Want to support FLG's work and mission, but don't live in the area? Would you like to contribute to FLG on behalf of your business or organization or become a corporate sponsor of one of our events or initiatives? Are you already an FLG member but would like to give a little more? Do you feel passionately about one of our initiatives or public events? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place!

Any and all donations are welcome, no matter how small. All transactions are processed securely via Strip and are tax deductible. You can choose to earmark your donation towards a specific cause or event, or leave it up to us to apply your donation in the area it's needed most. Simply choose from the choices below.

(Please note: Donations are separate from Membership and do not grant voting rights or access to members-only events. To gain access to these exclusive privileges, become a Member today!)


The Doug Odell Scholarship Fund

Named after one of FLG's founding members, our Doug Odell Scholarship Fund awards financial support to area students attending a four-year college or university program or a two-year technical program of their choosing.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors are companies, home owner's associations, non-profit organizations or other business entities that wish to support FLG. Corporate sponsors may contribute towards a specific event, initiative or other designation of their choosing, or may donate to the general fund, to be used at FLG's discretion. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Fireworks Over Lake Glenville

The main public event for the Friends of Lake Glenville is the celebration of our nation’s birthday on the week of July 4th. The Friends of Lake Glenville is responsible for the organization and financing of this signature event and relies exclusively on private contributions from Sponsors and attendees.

Water Testing & Quality

Friends of Lake Glenville’s Water Quality program is one of our organization’s key and most important elements of our mission. These programs are funded by FLG dues and donors and are only effective through the efforts of our generous donors and volunteers.

General Fund

Donations made to our General Fund go directly to ensuring we are able to fulfill our mission through good public works that benefit the lake and the surrounding community.

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